Iberopasta, Lda is a Portuguese company in the food sector dedicated to the manufacturing of pasta.
It arose from the dream of creating quality pasta, in order to attract its customers and consumers with new products as well as meet the needs and expectations of the market.
Located in the district of Santarém, Iberopasta has an industrial unit with approximately 13,000m2 and consists of various advanced technology production lines and adequate food safety and hygiene (HACCP) conditions.
The company's mission is to develop quality, innovative and trustworthy food products, ensuring a diet made up of important sources of nutrition, health, well-being and satisfaction for its consumers.
The raw material comes from durum wheat, of a fully organic nature with high protein, fibre and antioxidant content, resulting from an extremely thorough international research.
Safety and excellence in product quality are our main concern.
Iberopasta aims to be recognized for its continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation in its pasta.